Exercise M3.06.2 Stakeholder Participation Strategy Development

Once you have identified the key stakeholders for the evaluation, you can use the strategy below to invite them to participate

Invite the identified stakeholders to a meeting, or series of meetings, depending on their available time. At this meeting ensure that you:

  • Brief stakeholders on the strategy, initiative or programme and the evaluation. One major objective of this meeting should be to obtain a clear understanding of stakeholder interests, perceptions and concerns related to the effort and evaluation.
  • Have all stakeholders clearly identify and agree to their roles and responsibilities related to the evaluation before it begins.
  • Assure stakeholders that you will strive to maintain open communications and address their concerns. Clarify to the group when they will hear from you, including when you will seek their input and involvement during the evaluation process.
  • Emphasise to the stakeholder group that while their input and recommendations are very valuable, it may not be feasible to implement their recommendations.
  • Emphasise that these decisions are driven by the availability of programme resources (i.e., programme staff, time and budget priorities).

After this initial meeting, and when the selected stakeholders are on board, you can begin identifying the most important questions you want the evaluation to answer.

Involving the stakeholders in the evaluation process is important, as their assistance in the process will not only strengthen their support, but their perspectives could allow you to look at the evaluation from a new angle.

Use the template below to summarise stakeholder engagement for the evaluation of your mentoring programme.