Exercise M1.02.1. SWOT analysis - task to be performed

1. Within the framework of self-diagnosis of mentoring needs and definition of your own needs for development, conduct the SWOT analysis


What can I do the best?

What is distinguishing me?


In what do I fail?

What can I not do?


What does help, conduce to me in the environment?


What does disturb me, constitute an obstacle in the environment?

Then concentrate on a negative part of SWOT (weaknesses, threats) – think what actions you should perform to overcome these obstacles.

2. Wonder who in your organisation might perform the "programme agent" role.

3. Does your organisation have a developed Code of Ethics? If yes, analyse its provisions and check which of them shall be useful in the context of mentoring (especially within the scope of the mentor-mentee relation formation).

If the Code of Ethics in your organisation is not developed, analyse the organisation strategies and operating assumptions of the privacy policy and wonder whether and what elements may be used to form the mentoring process assumptions.

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